What If You Could Exploit A System-Beating Loophole
That Locks In Profits ...REGARDLESS Of The Outcome?

Dear Friend,

Welcome To Each Way Sniper!

If this is your first time here, you are probably wondering,

“What the heck is an Each Way Sniper”?

And more importantly, “how does it help me get PAID each month?”

Let Me Show You Why Thousands Of Bettors, Just Like You, Are Ditching Their
Current Betting Systems To Become
An Each Way Sniper.

But first, let me share with you a quick story that will help you to understand what Each Way Sniper really is….

(and, how it helps you to get paid time and again, REGARDLESS of the outcome…)

Here’s how Each Way Sniper works to lock in your profits each month

Each Way Sniper works by exploiting a little-known pricing loophole within bookmakers Each Way bets.

These rules are built right into the horse racing rules…


Which means, it is 100% legal! (although as profitable as it is, it almost feels like cheating…)

The bookies pay more for the place than the win-odds imply they should.

This means you can lock in profits REGARDLESS of the outcome!

Place an each way bet with the bookmaker and lay it off on BetFair to lock in a profit…

Quite literally as simple as that…

The best part?

It doesn’t require ANY bonuses or special offers to work…

With Each Way Sniper, we give you EVERYTHING...the tools, the training, the calculators, you name it…

Each Way Sniper is a simple, one-stop shop for locking in profits on EVERY bet you place.

Imagine if you knew ahead of time that you COULD lock in profits….

How would that change your betting strategy?

Sounds like cheating, right? It’s not.

In fact, bookmakers are so furious that this loophole even exists, they’ve tried to have it closed down AND FAILED.

By leveraging this underground betting loophole,
you have an instant unfair advantage...
every single time!

When you know what you CAN and CANNOT do, it makes a HUGE difference in your betting strategy.

The secret betting loophole CANNOT discriminate!

It works whether you are brand NEW to betting (even your very first bet), or if you are a seasoned pro.

It works whether you place 1 bet, or 100...

Whether you win or lose, you still PROFIT…

Are you beginning to understand the sheer profit-potential, here?

The more bets you place using this secret loophole, the more profit you put in your back pocket.

So the question becomes - -

How many bets to you want to effortlessly profit from this month?

5? 25? 50?

Picture each of your bets like little profit-hungry soldiers…

You don’t want them marching onto the betting battle-field unarmed, uneducated, and without a strategy, right?

Doing so will only get them killed.

This is the #1 MISTAKE new betters make.

With Each Way Sniper, all of your betting “soldiers” will become INVINCIBLE!

Every time you send them out (place your bets), whether they win or lose, they bring you back profits!

It doesn’t even matter how “good” you are at placing bets…

It doesn’t matter if you are placing your very first bet…


What if you had the UK’s #1 Betting EXPERT to help you?

...an expert multi-millionaire bettor who provide you with the EXACT tools necessary to ensure that every bet you place is easy, fast, and (most importantly) PROFITABLE?

What if you could look over a top expert’s shoulder, as he shows you step-by-step every move he makes to generate a fortune each month!

With Each Way Sniper, you have a TRIPLE-THREAT combination…

  • Time-saving tools that take ALL the guesswork out of betting
    (because all of the work is already done FOR you!)
  • Intelligent software that quickly and easily finds you the BEST bets with the highest winning bonuses. (No more researching bets for hours!)
  • A mentor to FOLLOW step-by-step as he shows you EXACTLY what to do, and when to do it.
With this POWER-HOUSE combo inside Each Way Sniper, you WON'T lose!

Here’s What You Get When You TRY OUT Each Way Sniper Today...

  • 24/7 Access To The Each Way Sniper Training Vault

Over 2 hours of videos and training segments - each training shows you step-by-step EXACTLY how to lock in profits on Each Way Bets, WHICH markets they will show on, and WHEN to look for them.

Tools are amazing assets but without the knowledge to use them properly, they are useless, so this is one of the most important things you’ll get…

  • Online Betting Calculator

No need to wonder HOW you’ll work out the stakes…

...no guessing on calculations...

...or what formulas to use….

The Online Betting Calculator is custom-built specifically with all of the work done FOR you!

  • Access To The Each Way Sniper Proprietary Online Betting Software

Let me do you one better…

What if you had access to an online platform
that would FIND the best bets FOR YOU?

This REVOLUTIONISES how to find (and profit from) the BEST odds!

With this tool, all of the best bets are conveniently located in ONE place, so you’ll never waste HOURS trawling through different websites manually. (let’s face it, NOBODY has the time for that!)

Instead of manually comparing odds with 20 different bookmakers for each horse, the software will compare odds for ALL bookmakers and ALL horses every 30 seconds and flag any profitable bets.

You’ll have need RIGHT at your fingertips!

It updates in real time and has links to the bookmakers AND exchange bet slips so you’ll never need to slip back and forth between windows and websites in order to get a bet made.

  • Our 468 Value Strategy Blueprint

If everything we haven’t put together isn’t enough…

You’ll be able to watch over my shoulder to see
the EXACT strategies that I use!

..like the 468 Value Strategy -

I give you my results, and I give you the strategy you can use IMMEDIATELY that made me £468 in cold hard PROFIT by simply placing £2 E/W bets.

This isn’t hype, this is real life...and you can immediately begin to profit from the bets you place as well.

It includes the 468 Value Strategy spreadsheet, examples, and the software you need for betting on the very BEST offers with the highest winning bonuses.

But there’s more...


  • Access To Our Extra Places System

A low risk chance at hitting a DOUBLE payout with almost no risk!

If your horse finishes in the extra place, you win both the bookmaker place bet and the Betfair lay bet.

The End Result?

Huge results for a very little effort...

For a bigger chance of hitting the extra place, all you have to do is simply cover more horses!

Included with this bonus is an Extra Places Calculator that will tell you the extra place profit, along with software for finding the bets and training WITH examples.


  • Extra Place Dutching System

Using the Extra Place Dutching System, you can back EVERY horse in the field with bookies paying the extra place!

Which means

The bookies pay for you to back EACH horse,
while you sit back and profit no matter what!

This is the easiest way to generate profits consistently!

Includes calculator, software and training with examples.


  • Golf Extra Place System

By now you can see the overarching theme. The more strategies you are armed with, the more profits you’ll be able to lock in...

We cover a lot of Extra Place strategies because they are SO lucrative!

Take advantage of the major golf tournaments using Extra Places with the Golf Extra Places Sniping Software.

Includes software, calculator and full training.

What Good Is All Of This If You Can’tTRY IT FOR YOURSELF?

I used to sell Each Way Sniper for £56, and the software separately at £120.

But I thought,

“How will they be able to understand the true profit-making potential unless they TEST IT THEMSELVES?”

So that’s exactly what I want you to do.

As a test, I’ve decided to offer this very special deal.

For a very limited time, you can PROFIT from the Full Each Way Sniper Profit Locking Package (including ALL software) on a 14-day trial for £1.

You can have access to EVERYTHING I just talked about for a single pound!

After the trial is finished you only pay £118 for 12 months access.

The software is renewable annually, but the Each Way Sniper Membership Site and Calculators are yours to keep FOREVER!

Are you starting to see how much profit you can easily generate month after month?

If you place just ONE bet, and profit just £10 from it, you’ve already 10X your trial investment!

And that’s just one bet...

The 14-Day Trial is a limited time test-offer!

SO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT WHILE YOU CAN, before it goes back to its regular price.

Try out Each Way Sniper for just £1…

Take it for a test drive.

Use all of the tools, watch the videos…

I WANT you to generate PROFITS over the next 2 weeks!

If you aren’t happy with what you see or what you have access to (or the amazing profits you are making)...

… then simply the support email provided and I'll cancel your order…

You have 14 full days to cancel from the date of purchase, no questions asked “love it or cancel” guarantee…

Are you ready to start profiting off EVERY bet you place?

Get started with Each Way Sniper today for just £1, and give yourself an unfair advantage that will have you consistently profiting month after month (whether you win or lose)!

PS. You’ll never find a better software guarantee in the online betting industry.

Any time within 14 days of purchase, you can cancel your order.

Once you try this software for yourself, you’ll want to hang onto it indefinitely.

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